The Major Hurricanes of 2012 - Part One

By: yqt1001, 07:05 PM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012

Welcome to my blog, a summary of the >115mph (1-min) cyclones of the Southern Hemisphere season!The Major Hurricanes of 2012 - Part One (January-April)The global hurricane drought continues as the Southern Hemisphere was left almost completely dead. Only 3 major hurricanes were recorded, 2 in the South Indian Ocean and another in the South Pacific. Intense Tropical Cyclone Funso (Southwest Indian Ocean)Funso was the first tropical cyclone to reach the 100kts margin,...

The Major Hurricanes of 2011 - Part One

By: yqt1001, 10:42 PM GMT die 31o December, anno 2011

Welcome to my first blog entry!The Major Hurricanes of 2011 - Part One (January-April)The year started off with a quiet Southern Hemisphere season. Unlike usual, there weren't many severe tropical cyclones until late January, well behind the average date. Although, the SHem seasons quickly heated up.Severe Tropical Cyclone Wilma (Southern Pacific)Wilma was the first tropical cyclone in 2011 to reach 115mph (1-minute sustained winds). It formed on January 18th and it...


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