no sun today

By: tropicalthought, 04:15 AM GMT die 30o July, anno 2010

The soil has gone all hard and dry and the weeds are coming up like crazy.

This is just like winter

By: tropicalthought, 03:37 PM GMT die 15o June, anno 2010

Last night we had very high winds, and things were banging around in the wind. It was so cold.

We had two nice days

By: tropicalthought, 10:57 PM GMT die 13o June, anno 2010

Now it's a little bit cold.

It not so cold now

By: tropicalthought, 04:36 AM GMT die 12o June, anno 2010

Saturday is going to be very warm.

The sun is out now

By: tropicalthought, 03:32 PM GMT die 11o June, anno 2010

I had to divide my lily of the valleys yesterday and it was a huge job.

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San Francisco has a unique micro climate. Each neighborhood has different amounts of sun vs. fog based on the location, the hills and the wind.

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