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By: sp34n119w , 09:27 PM GMT die 01o June, anno 2012

The month of June is probably named for the Roman goddess Juno.

Oh, I've learned a lot about Juno! She, the wife and sister of Jupiter, has many aspects and functions throughout history. Juno is not, as I had thought, just another name for the Greek's Hera, wife and sister of Zeus. No, Juno had been around for a much longer period of time and has analogs in even more ancient Indoeuropean religions, as well.
Juno does incorporate much of Hera's story, and the later stories about one are similar to those of the other. But, Juno's story is much more complex and her cults were widespread, each with their own version, or aspect, of the goddess to worship. It is worth reading the wikipedia article to get a sense of just how deep in time these myths go.

Her main functions are tripartite. Juno is the queen, and not just the wife of the king but a ruler in her own right, a symbol of strength and purity, patron of politics. Juno is a goddess of war, a protector of warriors who fights at their side, the Savior. Juno is a goddess of fertility, vitality, and youth, who shepherds women through childbirth.
It struck me (and is noted in the wikipedia article that scholars see it) that male gods almost always have only one functional aspect while female gods often encompass many, and disparate, functions.

Juno is part of a triad in Rome which is made of herself, her husband/brother, and Minerva, Jupiter's daughter. Together they are the gods of Rome, the capital city.

Interestingly, for the purposes of this series of blog entries, Juno is directly associated with all but one of the previous months of the year.

Maia, you may recall, had an etymology that was difficult to pin down. However, it does seem to indicate age, as in old age, the time of wisdom, being related to the words major, majority, and the like. The month of June may well have been named not for the goddess (this seems unlikely, doesn't it?) but for the word that indicates youth and the vitality that comes with it. Well, the association between the goddess of youthful vitality and the word that means youthful vitality seems obvious, anyway.

Mars, for whom March is named, is the Roman god of War and the son of Juno.

Februum is the month of purification and includes a festival of purification. Juno, as the goddess of purity, receives sacrifice and worship during that festival.

Janus is where the year began and where my interest was piqued. The god of beginnings and endings, the gatekeeper between earth and the heavens. The one who stands between humans and the gods as communicator. He was before all and during all and will be after all. It should not surprise that the goddess of childbirth is associated with the god of beginnings. Read the bit of the wikipedia article titled “Janus and Juno” for more on the two of them, and more on Janus than I found before.
“Janus and Juno cooperate as the first looks after the passage from the previous to the ensuing month while the second helps it through the strength of her vitality.”

There is so much more to Juno's story – more than I can write here but, also, more than we can know. Of course, religions change over time. People interact and find new cultural ideas that they can incorporate into their preexisting stories of themselves. Juno and all the other gods – Roman, Greek, Etruscan, Eritrean, Persian, etc. - show up in all the places that those people traveled and traded, by land and by sea. A few thousand years of intermittent interaction among so many peoples makes for a complex theological history that is impossible to fully understand at this late date. It sure is fun trying.


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June 20 at 16:06 PDT or 4:09 PM PDT
Yes, that's it! I'm sure this time :)


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63. Bogon
01:56 PM GMT die 06o July, anno 2012
BriarCraft's comment got me thinking about how one would choose the greatest country in the world. As with most things described by superlative adjectives, it's a value judgement. Unless we choose and define some kind of objective measure, the ranking will be subjective.

Unless things take a turn for the worse (and in a rather obvious and nasty way), and unless it happens fairly soon (so that I am still capable of making sound decisions and taking decisive action), I plan to live out my days in the good old U. S. of A. That is a subjective decision, but it is based on the objective facts that I was born here, I'm a citizen, and I know how to live here. If I were to emigrate, I would have to learn a whole new set of expectations about politics, culture, geography, climate, ecology etc., and I might have to learn a new language. I'm getting old to tackle that much novelty at once. Fourth of July notwithstanding, my choice is driven more by habit than by patriotism.

I can remember feeling a great deal more patriotic than I do now. Some of the change is surely internal. Most of us are raised on fairy tales after all. After a while the glitter wears off, the cobwebs blow away, and we see the world more clearly. It's a byproduct of age and experience. We learn to discount the rhetoric and watch what actually happens. A great deal has happened since the 1950s. I honestly feel that we, as a nation, have lost something fundamental, a vision perhaps. I'm not sure where it went or whether we can get it back. But the United States used to be about "We, the People". Now it's about money and hype. I can't help but regard that as a grossly negative development.

One thing we Americans like to brag about is our wealth. We can attribute our good fortune to smart trading and Yankee ingenuity, but let's not forget that at our founding we had a whole new continent to exploit. The frontier is closed now, and we have only our ingenuity to rely on henceforth. Will we still compete as capably as we did when we had vast undeveloped resources? Consider, for example, the people of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. What sort of future can they build atop the mine tailings?

Here is a link to a page at Wikipedia, which displays lists of countries by GDP per capita. There are three lists from different sources. I offer this as one kind of objective measure of greatness. The United States is among the top ten countries on all three lists. On no list does it crack the top five.
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62. GardenGrrl
09:51 AM GMT die 06o July, anno 2012
Okay, I've been putting this off because we were near July, are in July etc. So to keep up a tradition of posting when the blog changes over, here is another knitting video.

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61. sp34n119w
08:12 AM GMT die 06o July, anno 2012
WTS – I got you covered ;) Hope you had a great Fourth!

Ylee -
We had joy, we had fun,
We were knitting in the sun …

Thanks for that earworm >:-P

Me, too, worried about the blogs. We'll see.

calpoppy – that's a beautiful fireworks flag! Thanks :) Wouldn't it be cool if they could do that for real?
So glad to not hear of any major fires yesterday!

BriarCraft – excellent.
Independence Day is a good time to feel patriotic and start working toward a better tomorrow for this country we love.


Need to put some finishing touches on the July blog tomorrow. See wu then :)
(well, I think I will, anyway)

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60. sp34n119w
09:22 PM GMT die 04o July, anno 2012
Hello! Due to some issue with the phone line I have been without internet service since Monday. I was veryveryvery sad 3.(
Also, got a shocking amount of work done!
Now I have a gazillion (more or less) emails to deal with.

Anyway ... hi, internets! Hello WU! Thanks for still being there :)
I'll be back ... soon!

Happy 4th of July to U.S. - let's celebrate our independence from the British!

And, be safe out there - no fires, no burns, no blindness, no car crashes, no hangovers (;)) - just fun, food, family, and fireworks! :)
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59. BriarCraft
10:29 PM GMT die 03o July, anno 2012
SP, thanks for finding and sharing the link in #42 to that Jeff Daniels speech from The Newsroom. I just went back and listened to it again. A lot of good dialog followed in later comments, too.

I think maybe Ylee's heart is in the right place, but like many others, he doesn't differentiate between patriotism and egotism -- no offense intended, Ylee. I am a patriot, even though I don't think the U.S. is the greatest country in the world.

It seems to me that it isn't much different that a person who thinks they're the greatest person in the world. If you're the greatest, there's nothing to strive for, nothing to achieve, and then one forgets about having goals and trying to become a better person.

I think the same is true for people who say this is the greatest country. When too many people think that way, we stop investing in the future. When we as a nation stop investing in our future, as evidenced by a general unwillingness to pay taxes to build infrastructure and fund research, we lose more than a competitive edge, we lose a vital spark.

We used to be the greatest nation. We can be again. But not until we recognize that we aren't the best at anything except bragging and funding the military-industrial complex. We need to get better at a lot of things. I hope I live long enough to see America revitalized.

Independence Day is a good time to feel patriotic and start working toward a better tomorrow for this country we love.
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58. calpoppy
02:02 PM GMT die 03o July, anno 2012
Happy 4th!!

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57. Ylee
05:30 AM GMT die 03o July, anno 2012
That's OK, sp, take your time, and have fun knitting in the sun(sounds like a song title, lol!). We'll be around, unless TWC decides blogs aren't value-added! :P
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56. WatchinTheSky
04:38 AM GMT die 03o July, anno 2012
So does that mean no info about Julius or Quintilis? That's just not right :)

Happy 4th to wu!
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55. sp34n119w
06:29 PM GMT die 01o July, anno 2012
bf - yes, it will be about Santa Paula :) Unfortunately, I have no desire to write today, so it will have to wait. Seriously thinking of taking the knitting outside and enjoying the sunshine while relaxing, for a change.

Of course you can link (well, I already told you that) and you are welcome, but I think your piece stands on its own. Together with the comments you've received it reads at least as well as any other piece (or any tv show or movie) I've ever seen on the subject :)

I have not read that book of Brin's (it's on the Long-And-Getting-Ever-Longer List) but have read some of his essays on the subject (check his blog for an endless time-sink of ideas and links). He definitely knows what he's talking about and that is the subject of many of his public speaking events.
I wonder about it ... is today's privacy-invading tech appreciably different from growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone's business? Not sure. Never had that experience! From what I've heard, I wouldn't like it, but that's neither here nor there when one is stuck in it.

Said I didn't want to write but am my usual wordy self, anyway, LOL

Wishing excellent weather, or appropriate remedial activities for poor weather, to all.
see wu :)
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54. Barefootontherocks
12:55 AM GMT die 01o July, anno 2012
Just followed the David Brin link. Surprised by his non-fiction title, The Transparent Society: Will Technology Make Us Choose Between Freedom and Privacy?

Have you read it?
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53. Barefootontherocks
12:37 AM GMT die 01o July, anno 2012
Whatsa SP booster blog?
About Santa Paula, maybe.

Hi sp,
Been waiting for this blog(page) to turn because I want to link page 1 to my blog. Hope that's okay. Also want to thank you again for the inspiration!

Weather at your house sounds great. Heat here but not like last summer, thankfully.
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52. sp34n119w
06:04 PM GMT die 30o June, anno 2012
Bogon - oh, I don't blame you. It's probably that kind of book (borrow-from-library kind) for any but the diehard fan ... though it did make multiple bestseller lists, including the NYT. Marketing in the internet age had much to do with that.
Bummer you didn't find anything but beer ... wait. That's not a bummer! LOL

I kind of lucked out getting a bit of a deal on Redshirts but it wasn't the price of a mass market paperback, for sure. I rationalized it by knowing that I will send it to one of the libraries. I have a preference for mmp for keeping, anyway. Weird, I know!

Really enjoyed your travel descriptions in your blog. Couldn't comment at the time but will be back over there. Er, if I can think of something to say ;)
Hope the heat isn't too bad out your way and you're having a great weekend :)


It's another Chamber of Commerce day here in SP :) I'll be off soon to enjoy it. Probably would enjoy it more if the dang helicopter would go away! There was a search on for a shooter last night and the 'copter was out there until, like, 3 AM and now there is one flitting around again but I don't know why. [now it's gone] [back] [gone] [going to be one of those days, lol]
I didn't get to sleep until almost 5, so, sleepy, me. Still, too nice to stay indoors! Who knows how long the perfect weather will last?

I feel horrible for those suffering under heat and/or deluges of rain and don't mean to rub it in, of course. Summertime. And the livin's easy ... ?

Hope it is so, for wu :)

Oh, I'll get a new blog up for July within a couple days ... going to miss Juno but time just keeps ticking along. For some of us anyway.
It will likely be a SP booster blog because those are fun :)
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51. Bogon
08:21 PM GMT die 29o June, anno 2012
Wandered through a bookstore the other day in O'Hare airport looking for something to read on the plane. I was predisposed to buy something, because I liked the store, and I spent more time looking than I might have otherwise.

Ultimately my search yielded negative results, and I wandered rather forlornly back out into the hustle and bustle of the concourse. It was all the excuse I needed to find a bar and have a couple of beers instead. :oD

The contents of the store boiled down to three categories:
1) stuff in which I was not interested,
2) stuff I liked but had already read, and
3) interesting stuff that I did not want to buy.

Among the items in category three was Redshirts. I was willing to accept your recent comments as a recommendation, but I did not want to plunk down $25 for a hardbound edition that I might not even want to keep. I think that instead I'll keep an eye on the local library's New Books shelf. There might be one or two worth checking out.
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50. sp34n119w
03:42 AM GMT die 29o June, anno 2012
calpoppy – awesome. Why can't I put things so succinctly? Glad you are here to do that!

gg – beautiful.
America needs some even more authoritarian leaders that tell people they want health care and campaign reform and anyone that opposes it is the enemy
This is true. This is what the Dems do not or will not understand and undertake.

WTS – calpoppy already has public speaking experience and that's half the battle!

This country was started by a bunch of miscreants, weirdos, and criminals who came to a new land to escape persecution and/or prosecution. It got better after that ;)

[Now I've been poked into going ranty again and, again, not directed at any individual … I think I've gone down this road a time or two before, here, but it's been on my mind for a few weeks, again … that's how long I've avoided this rant. How good am I? LOL]

Where it really got good was after the turn of the last century as citizens and a large influx of immigrants fought hard for civil rights, worker rights, and women's rights. They lobbied for unions and safety regulations and social programs for the needy and decent public schools for all kids. They built an interstate transportation system complete with awesome bridges and waterways and airports that increased the viability of commerce and decreased the expense of doing business. In most states they supported and built State University systems that any qualified applicant could attend, regardless of parentage or patronage. They enacted environmental protections. They were willing to pay for this stuff and to work for it and to sacrifice for it - for the future. All shared the costs because all would share in the benefits.

And their children, especially, did benefit mightily from that hard work and sacrifice. They received excellent primary education, cheap and accessible secondary education, a civic infrastructure already in place to facilitate economic growth and personal health and safety, unprecedented rights and privileges, and a significant easing of the financial burdens associated with caring for aged or disabled family members, among so many other things. Life was good and the country was strong. Then, they set about systematically destroying everything their parents and grandparents had built in an effort to keep for themselves as much as possible.
The children of the Builders have been the single largest demographic group of taxpayers and voters for over 40 years. And here we are.

I have strong feelings about this, as do many among the generations that follow on the heels of those raised by The Greatest Generation, so will stop here. They really were great – except when it came to parenting, apparently, as they raised a bunch ungrateful, thieving, spoiled rotten brats.


LC – yes, I think you're right ... heeeeey, wait a minute! You're a Boomer! Boo!
LOL Okay, so not all BBs are selfish jerks ;)

That video was great – I like that guy and keep meaning to read his book.
“mathematical glitter” LOLOLOL

Ylee – thanks for taking the time to pop in and say so!


I started working my way through the Health Care ruling this morning. Going to take awhile.
Finding it very interesting, as is often the case. Here's a quote:

“Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Nice, huh? That's Roberts, needling the prez, lol
He is correct, though - gotta give him that!

I thought Obama did a good job of explaining, again, the benefits to the legislation. Personally, I still don't agree with it and, as it stands, I think the SCOTUS got the rulings reversed but, what do I know? Not a lot.


I have some random, too! Fun random! I had more but I lost some. But, I have these:

We were talking about IKEA here and the other day I was reading a thread elsewhere about various uses and hacks and was cringing a bit remembering the effort it took to put together the dining room set and chairs. Then someone posted a link to an image that shows just what that's like. Sometimes you want to strangle that little guy!

Was it last year we were talking about iced coffee? In BriarCraft's blog, I think. Anyway, I was happy that it seemed way too much trouble for me to bother with. I don't really need the caffeine. Then I found Pioneer Woman's recipe and feel doooooomed.

I am pining for David Brin's new book, Existence. Must resist. Probably won't. Skipping his SoCal signing events this weekend in an effort to avoid buying the book.
Here he writes a bit about writing and I found it moderately insightful.

Amazon is evil, btw. I searched for that book and it came up fine but right beneath it (not in the “others who have bought this book also bought ...” section but right in the search list) was KSR's new book 2312, the purchase of which I am also resisting. Mainly resistance works as long as I pretend I don't know about it being out, see? Amazon is evil.
It works the other way around, too - search for KSR's book and they list Brin's with it - I just checked. Not at all surprised that they see an overlap in fans but still thinks it's evil, lol


Been a busy day! Thought I'd get this comment posted before noon. Oh, well.
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49. Ylee
11:58 PM GMT die 28o June, anno 2012
No offence taken, sp, but it's time to go home now, and I have no time to reply further! :)
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48. LowerCal
05:23 PM GMT die 28o June, anno 2012

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
47. LowerCal
02:09 AM GMT die 28o June, anno 2012
... no effort required to maintain greatness for the latter.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
46. LowerCal
01:47 AM GMT die 28o June, anno 2012
I think many mistake being lucky to be born in America for being great.
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45. WatchinTheSky
10:11 PM GMT die 27o June, anno 2012
Oh Boy, it's a good thing this country started out with lots of greatness, otherwise with all we've lost - I'd have to move! I'm voting for calpoppy :)
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44. GardenGrrl
01:32 PM GMT die 27o June, anno 2012
Amen Calpoppy.

The problem is too many people enjoy the role of sheep, so much infact that the little sheeple will band together and trample someone that suggests they lead a life without chains or shears.

They simply fear a life without some authoritarian person to tell them what to do and what they want. Even if it is not in their best interest. In some disfunctional way they want to be abused but told that they are being protected from the boogeyman out there.

America needs some even more authoritarian leaders that tell people they want health care and campaign reform and anyone that opposes it is the enemy...which this leader will protect them from.
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43. calpoppy
09:50 PM GMT die 26o June, anno 2012
The day the Supreme court voted to give corporations the same rights as individuals for political contributions this country lost greatness in my book.

When most of the voters in this country rely on TV ads to vote for candidates this country lost some greatness.

When candidates try to outdo each other on who is the best christian, this country has lost a little bit more greatness.

When sport figures make more money then the best researchers for cancer do then this country has lost more greatness.

When people can't get the health care they need because of a preexisting conditions then this country has lost much more of it's greatness.

When our government gives corporations tax deductions and then that corporation turns around and sends it's jobs overseas, we have really lost greatness.

When two parties can't compromise to save this country, well you get the rest!

I still believe in this country, but it's greatness has diminished in my eyes.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
42. sp34n119w
09:00 PM GMT die 26o June, anno 2012
Sincere thanks to whoever got my transit setup photo approved, finally. Maybe they just wanted to wait until it was too old to show up in the gallery, which is fine by me. It ain't pretty!

WTS - speaking of ... thanks for your comment on the pic and I replied with further info, if you haven't checked back.

...how do they get that mindset?
is a fascinating question. I am of the opinion that it begins in early childhood, through various forms of indoctrination that lead to an unquestioning acceptance of received knowledge, as opposed to learning the pleasure of finding things out.
Humans, in general, are predisposed to form hierarchies (as part of our social nature) and to accept authority. That's not a big problem except when there is no good basis for an individual or small group to have authority over others. I could go on ... ;)

I so want to believe in Nessie and Bigfoot and visiting aliens! It makes me sad that they are not for reals 3'(
That Hodgee thing, though? That has "publicity stunt" written all over it! LOL Thanks - I'd never heard of it.

LowerCal - wouldn't it be nice to see a campaign from the Left that actually worked? lol Maybe they'll learn something from that one. Got a link for yas down the page a bit ...

BC - yep, that's our Supreme Court. All about State's Rights, right? lol
The only hope is for a constitutional amendment. All that needs to happen is that folks who don't like the Citizen's United ruling actually go the voting booth, and vote appropriately for congresscritters. hahahaha I crack myself up, sometimes.

I need to read up on the immigration ruling. Not following what I'm hearing about it, for some reason.

I saw the first fifteen minutes or so of "The Newsroom" and had a mixed impression. Do think I'll try to catch the full episode and see how it goes.

Ylee - well, here's his speech, if you want to watch it. Please note that it includes profanity and is thus NSFWU.

Your comment was directed at Briar but I'd just like to point out that WWII ended nearly 60 years ago. At issue is the current state of affairs.
[Insert: Having just noticed that I've written another rant, let me say that it is not directed at Ylee - just that Ylee's comment set me off, as happens frequently around here] [okay, around anywhere around me]

China doesn't build iPhones, just assembles them. The bits and pieces come from all over. The innovation came from those foreign students lucky enough to get a work Visa once they'd graduated with an advanced degree.
Our best and brightest are going to Europe for their PhD's and to work, as are kids from other countries.

Sure, foreign students will still come here at least for undergraduate work if they can but they know it's a dead end. Europe wants smart, well-educated young people. The U.S. wants ignorant laborers. Our immigration policy and our education policy is the evidence for that. Not to mention a political and social culture that denigrates intelligence and revels in ignorance.

BTW, the Pacific portion of WWII ended when the U.S. dropped two big honking bombs on cities filled with ordinary citizens. Those bombs? Made in America, sure, but designed almost entirely by Germans, based on physics theory discovered and developed by Germans (and others but not USians, for the most part). Our vaunted space program? Also the direct result of scientists from elsewhere being allowed (or forced) to work on the rocket program. Once the fighting was over, those men (and a few women) also built our universities into the best in the world - for awhile.

Now we allow kids in to study and then kick them out of the country once they've spent that money. They go home and do their research and development in India and Pakistan and Taiwan and Indonesia. Then they turn to teaching, building up their own university system along with primary schools that prepare students to be great innovators - and great learners. They already don't need us and current enrollment figures at major universities are a reflection of that.

Have I gone off on a rant, after sorta saying that I wasn't gonna? Yes, yes I have. Sorry - again, not directed at you, Ylee.


Found a new-to-me site yesterday, connectthedotsusa, that addresses some political issues in an interesting way.
I think it is not terribly well organized, nor are the slides always very clear, but the idea of putting things together in one place makes a good deal of sense.
I only clicked through one set of slides, so far - the one on jobs.


Okay, that rant took up all my bloggy time (and then some) and I hope the lack of editing time doesn't make it unreadable (for those who try to do that) or offensive, and now I've got to go :(

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41. Ylee
11:44 AM GMT die 26o June, anno 2012
Briar, what is it about Jeff Daniels' speech that you liked? How he delivered the message, or the message itself?

I have not seen this show, so what I'm commenting on is what you said he said.

If he said that the U.S. isn't the best country to live in, well, I'd agree. We have a lot of entrenched institutions that are more self-interested than in the common good of the People. Government, education, health care, large private companies, ect. on the whole don't care about you and I, they just care about their bottom line. Untold millions are tuned out and just want whatever the Gov't can give them. There's been a lot of times I wish I could just pack everything and move to New Zealand.

But the greatest country? Well, our system isn't perfect by no means, but name another country that has done more than the U.S.. What would the aforementioned New Zealand be like if we rolled over during WW2 and let Japan take it?

If it wasn't for the freedoms that we have here, would we be able to voice our opinions and complaints? Granted, there are other countries with the same freedoms, but would they have them still if our military, for better or for worse, wasn't around to ensure they stayed free?

How many other countries take in tens of thousands of students from around the world each year, because the best teachers and facilities are here?

China may have made hundreds of millions of iphones, but where did the innovation behind them come from?

I could go on and on, but I have to go home soon! :) Point is, despite all the flaws, the United States of America remains the Greatest Country on Earth!
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40. BriarCraft
11:57 PM GMT die 25o June, anno 2012
Anyone watch The Newsroom on HBO last night? It looks like it might be a great new series. What I particularly liked was Jeff Daniels's speech about America not being the greatest country in the world. Could this be the beginning of a movement to have real news broadcasts, instead of infotainment uncluttered with too many facts?

Season 1 Trailer - A Changed Man

The Supreme Court has reversed the Montana Supreme Court's ruling in a 5-4 decision, opening the way for Citizens' United et al to continue to buy elections in Montana, as they do in other states. They tried.


On the other hand, the Supreme Court agreed with the 9th Circuit Court in part by preempting 3 sections of Arizona's SB1070 and remanded the rest for further proceedings. The ruling was 76 pages long, so I only skimmed it to find the bottom line. The talking heads will no doubt be all over this one, at least until the Health Care ruling comes out.

WTS: I want to know more about the Lake Hodges Monster!!!
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39. WatchinTheSky
06:54 PM GMT die 25o June, anno 2012
Jerry's Maps was very cool - and for how long? Makes me a bit glad I am not so creative, though.

About the other, us or them, it's us when we don't do something about it or figure someone else will do it. But them, how do they go down that road, how do they get the mindset. Clearly, it is not just this country, and critical thinking is not that hard to develop. Nessie, really.. how can anyone fall for that. But, and I know BC will back me up,

this is the real deal, obviously we exist with dinosaurs!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
38. LowerCal
10:43 PM GMT die 22o June, anno 2012
Burning Books is brilliant! It lights the way forward! ;^)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
37. sp34n119w
10:12 PM GMT die 22o June, anno 2012
Just a couple of articles that may be of interest, insofar as they keep with recurring themes, here.

Our tax dollars at work to teach Louisiana kids (just the most recent), among other things, that "God used the 'Trail of Tears' to bring many Indians to Christ." That's what they call a History lesson.
Go read the partial list of other gems.

And this from the same source about burning books and voter apathy.

Last night I was telling a friend about that first story. She started talking about "Them", as she often does. "They" do this, "They" think that. Whatever. The problem isn't "Them", it is "Us", and I think that second story is illustrative of that fact.


Oh, here, something inspirational - also, makes me feel less OCD ;)

Jerry's Map
CLICK THE LINK it's totally worth it. All arty and odd and geeky and stuff :)

Sorry I can't find a way to embed vimeo vids. I think others do so maybe someone can point me in the right direction. They use iframe and say they no longer support the old embed code - the way youtube is going, I guess.


Happy first summer weekend, WU!
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36. sp34n119w
01:08 AM GMT die 21o June, anno 2012
Happy Summer! It has been a beautiful start, here, with sunshine most of the day.
Today's apod shows a multitude of suns during the Venus transit from a place where the sun never sets this time of year - very cool.

gg - well, that imagery got me laughing :-D I'd pay money to see that production!
IKEA is almost as much fun as Home Depot, for sure. Lots of creativity sparked in those spots.

BC - thanks for that link! Great to see lawmakers taking this seriously and that it isn't just groups like Public Citizen fighting that fight. I wonder how well the ruling will hold up.
That governor, Schweitzer, has impressed me several times. He seems very practical and thoughtful. Very Montana :)


Sorry I've not been around here or visiting ... well, I've been visiting as able but not leaving comments so it doesn't count. Anyway, just busy but missing wu.

Here, have a video - I'm guessing parents of young kids will know the song but I, of course, watched it for the dancing, knitted bears:

I don't have this precise problem but someone, somewhere, will relate to this one:

I may have posted that one before. It cracks me up.
"You look terrible in orange."


Hope to make the rounds and catch up before the weekend :)
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35. BriarCraft
09:14 PM GMT die 19o June, anno 2012
I happened to hear Montana Governor Brad Schweitzer on Thom Hartmann's radio show earlier today and was really pleased to hear about Montana's fight against the Citizens United ruling. Had to learn more. Found this editorial in the New York Times and this story in the Huffington Post.

Guess I haven't been paying attention, because I hadn't heard about this particular story before. I have heard of efforts in several states to do something to counter national "corporations are people and money is speech" ruling from our illustrious US Supreme Court. Can the states individually counter federal rulings or laws? Good question. States legalizing medical marijuana haven't done so well, but maybe there's a chance here. Ya think?
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34. GardenGrrl
10:12 AM GMT die 17o June, anno 2012
IKEA. That is like the Disney World of home furnishings.
Yes, the Lingonberry jam is available by the checkout.

My IKEA fantasy is to get a bunch of theater majors to dress in modern clothing that still had the essence of their character, then wander through the various "rooms" and displays in IKEA performing Shakesphers "Mid Summers Night Dream".

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33. sp34n119w
08:16 PM GMT die 15o June, anno 2012
Ylee - that's the one! Except now he is so much more to the young nerds of the world. Wil is teh ubergeek. In a fez.
This is his blog (on typepad!?!?) if you are curious:
and he is @wilw on twitter.
Hope your nights are going well! Even if you aren't jacked up on meatballs ;)

LC - it is reasonable to think that I would have spent a day putting furniture together after visiting IKEA and would, therefore, have a suitable box. Alas, this is not the case. I'd like to report that I am at least closer to a sofa decision but, really, despite all the sitting and standing and sitting and shifting and so forth, I don't think much progress was made.
Maybe next time. Hey, I got meatballs. I'm happy.

No, I was reading Scalzi's Redshirts and finished the novel but have not begun the three codas, yet. It is hilarious and mind-twisty :)

calpoppy - many problems are more easily dealt with when everyone agrees on and adheres to basic rules of etiquette. When that fails, everything does. We are social creatures.

This is weird. I was sure that IKEA sells Lingonberry jam in the exit cafe area (though I only eat it in the restaurant) but it isn't on the website. Maybe it is only in stores. It is soooo good! They have other lingonberry products, too.
You oughta check it out - it's in Burbank right off the 5 (not to imply that it is easy to get to) - they have an amazing array of small-space multi-function furniture. Some of it is garbage but some is good quality and good price.

The weather so far is a vast improvement over the summer-that-wasn't last year! Except today, of course. I may have jinxed June, LOL


I don't have too much to share today. Kind of stayed away from the 'tubes and the tube this week, as much as possible.
I found a review of Redshirts at a place that turns out to be pretty interesting overall. It is a blog at the Chronicle of Higher Education about history, the writing about and teaching of, and is written by academic types who hit a lot of different topics.

Otherwise, if you want some fun, C&P WilW's site and clicky the linkies* there.

*note: I** will not be held responsible for lost time, jobs, relationships, or sanity.

**note: I, myself, avoid it like I avoid Gaiman's various places about the 'net, and for the same reason***.

***note:**** Oh, to be young and lacking obligations once more ...
or, just that second bit. You couldn't pay me to go through youth another time.

****note: Okay, now I'm just being stupid. seewu!

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32. calpoppy
02:14 PM GMT die 15o June, anno 2012
Thanks for the link on the Greek Nazi! I saw the incident at the gym and luckily did not hear any of the commentary! I still can't believe the other men just sat there and did nothing, no wonder Greece is falling apart. Forget about their money woes, they have some major social problems.

I am glad your weather has been nice, much better start then last year for you I believe.

My internet is back up after 8 days!!! Sprint was doing an upgrade on their 3G network in this area. I have to say it is faster, but 8 days of down time is not cool!

I have never had IKEA's swedish meatballs. Come to think about it I don't think I have been to IKEA. If they sell lingonberries I may have to go, I luv lingonberries!!
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31. LowerCal
03:52 AM GMT die 15o June, anno 2012
Now you know how I spent my Wednesday, lol
And can probably guess how I'll be spending whatever free time I have today ;)

You're saving the box to make a six foot pinhole projector, right?
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30. Ylee
02:40 AM GMT die 15o June, anno 2012
Wil Wheaton? As in Wesley Crusher?(How do I remember this stuff?) You saw him? He's around 40 now, right? Cool!

I could use some IKEA Swedish meatballs now, as I'm on nights! :)
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29. sp34n119w
09:08 PM GMT die 14o June, anno 2012
WTS - June has been uncommonly kind, hasn't it? I think we've had only one day up here when the marine layer did not burn off. Otherwise, it's been gone early and just helped keep things cool, and it has yet to be really hot.

Around the world there seems to be something about the Parliamentary system that lends itself to fisticuffs, LOL

Ylee - a good meal is always good news - especially if you don't have to cook or clean!
I have popped into your blog to wander the cams and that always cheers me up, too :)


I saw Wil Wheaton! Also, John Scalzi.
A precious little corner of nerdvana, that was.
Yes, while other people bring pictures of waterfalls and dragonflies and wildflowers to WU, I bring word of geek sightings. There's a nutshell for ya. LOL


I think IKEA's Swedish meatballs have cocaine in them. That is the only way I can explain the fact that I crave those chewy little balls o'meat like no other other meat product. It would also explain why I didn't go to sleep until 3:30 AM last night (this morning).
Maybe it's in the Lingonberry jam. But I think it's the meatballs.


Now you know how I spent my Wednesday, lol
And can probably guess how I'll be spending whatever free time I have today ;)
Happy Thursday, WU!
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28. Ylee
11:52 PM GMT die 12o June, anno 2012
I ate at a nice resturant yesterday on my day off!(You wanted some good news!:))
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27. WatchinTheSky
06:16 PM GMT die 11o June, anno 2012
You're right, of course, the spin is the thing! The mirror setup worked fine, there seems to be no shortage of techniques, I should try out the binocular projection also.
I am not ready for summer yet! Upper 70s are fine for now :) Juno is doing a fine job.
I thought it was the British Parliament that did that, I think we may not be far behind...
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
26. sp34n119w
07:55 PM GMT die 10o June, anno 2012

Just have some stuff to drop by – stupid/sad/weird/fun …

Did you see the video of the Greek Parliament Member who slugged a female Parliament Member during a tv talk show panel? I saw just two brief reports about it and newscasters here didn't seem to know what to say about the incident – just presented the video and acted bemused or amused. I heard no background information on what was happening there. I'm sure it's a matter of my not watching enough tv news, or something. Anyway, I read a discussion of the incident today and thought I'd pass it along for anyone who is curious. Here's a quote:

“When this happens people cheer gleefully, not realizing that thugs like Kasidhiáris make no distinctions: everything around them gets smashed. Women are just the canaries in this particular mine. They are the first to become non-humans whenever fascism raises its banner, making hatred and fear steeds for its chariot. “

The author's site looks interesting, overall, for sf folk.


I saw a link to “40 of the most powerful photographs even taken” (from buzzfeed) at Jerry Coyne's place and clicked through. There's some real tear-jerkers in there. Also a link to the story of the refugee train sent me off on that road. Yeah, not exactly fun but, in a way, uplifting. If you work at it.


Prosperity Doctrine according to … Buddhists? Well, that's interesting. This story is sad, though. The things folks will do to waste the little time we have here. Oh, well.


For the Makers -
Oh no! Thank goodness I don't have one of these places near me! Sometimes it's good to live in the boonies, LOL


I don't know if it's me or the world but I haven't seen a lot of good news, lately. Prolly me. Not looking hard enough.
Except in my own life, which is quite good. I might be better off ignoring the world for awhile, LOL
Or, at least, today. It is a lovely Sunday around here – wishing wu the same!
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25. sp34n119w
10:02 PM GMT die 09o June, anno 2012
LC - hey I read about that in "Red Mars" and the rest :) If I can maintain interest I'll look up the variables relating to the magnetic field. Thanks for the links.
I started by thinking that Venus needs a moon. It might help settle the weather and precipitate out all that stuff in the air.
So moving asteroids about would take some time, sure, but it is within the realm of currently available technology, pretty much. Well, I'm just letting my mind wander ... as I am wont to do.


Say, isn't it great that Mubarek is out of power in Egypt?
A mob of hundreds of men assaulted women holding a march demanding an end to sexual harassment Friday, with the attackers overwhelming the male guardians and groping and molesting several of the female marchers in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Manly men, they are.



In every scientific category, from evolution to astronomy to thermodynamics, students paused before agreeing that the earth revolves around the sun, or that pressure produces heat, or that air is composed of matter. Although we know these things are true, we have to push back against our instincts, which leads to a measurable delay.

That's more fun.


The talk of waterfalls at BriarCraft's place and the photo Bogon left there made me think of a local fall I haven't been to in a few years. So, I went to see if the area was open - might try to go next week. Found out that today is a free day in the National Forests - for Get Outdoors Day. Too late! I've already been outdoors today :) Thought I'd pass it along, anyway.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
24. LowerCal
12:01 AM GMT die 09o June, anno 2012
I should be easy for us to boot up an atmosphere for Mars. The main ingredients are already there, frozen on and under the surface. We only need add some designer GHGs highly potent but degrading harmlessly on the correct schedule. Then we'll need flora and fauna that will maintain a tolerable equilibrium of human friendly proportions of gases.

To keep that atmosphere long term we will need a magnetic field. I haven't heard of the idea before but accreting a large moon to liquify the core from tidal friction might have that result. Mars' moons are relative crumbs and it would take a long time to shepherd in enough additional crumbs from the asteroid belt but it could be a long term project.

Asteroid herding may not be necessary though. Mars cooling core might restore magnetism to the red planet.
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23. sp34n119w
09:08 PM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012
Quoting Ylee:

He had the uncommon ability to verbalize his dreams and nightmares, and in so doing, they became ours.

That's for sure!

The cookies are from Trader Joe's - some kind of "Biscuit" but I can't remember what, now. They are very good with tea and also with milk, making them the perfect snack, day or night. Here ends the commercial portion of our programming, LOL

Bogon - well, at least the youtube link worked.

CEF and the Good News Club are very scary. Consider that that's just what we see, in public. Then consider that they are willing to put that out in public, with no fear that they will be stopped or even questioned.
I don't get why any school would allow these people onto the property. They don't have to.

I don't think that public school teachers are leading the after school program (unless I read it wrong) so they are okay. I don't think the CEF would hire teachers for the Good News Club who wouldn't teach their curriculum. I'm sure they are True Believers.
Public school teachers do run into lots of trouble with kids and parents when teaching either some religious doctrine or not teaching some religious doctrine. This happens mostly in science classes and history classes.

Then there's the story about a 7th grader who did as he was told and drew a recruitment poster for the Crusades. A parent doesn't like it being displayed. Good story - hope his parents are supportive of his work as it shows excellent imagination and a good grasp of the subject.

Usually we only hear of religious dogma invading schools here in the U.S. (or in developing nations, obviously) so I was a little shocked to learn that South Korea has ordered that any mention of evolution be removed from high school textbooks. This at the "request" of one group of religious fanatics who got a petition up, and the so-called Ministry of Education, Science and Technology caved without consulting scientists and educators.
The forces of darkness are everywhere.

LC - "great minds ..." and all that :)

I was thinking about terraforming Mars this very morning ... no, I started with Venus and moved on to Mars ... wait, actually, I was thinking about putting a moon in orbit around Venus ... yes, that's where it started.
Anyway, one problem with Mars is that it doesn't have much of a magnetic field, right? And that's needed if humans want to live on the surface there, right? And it may be that its field is weak because of the lack of a spinning core, right? No tectonic activity, too. So, how about we smoosh Mars' moons together, adding some material from asteroids, making a single moon massive enough to jerk Mars around, thus, possibly, setting up enough internal friction that it would reboot the core and set up a stronger magnetic field.
Just thinking. Have you ever heard that idea before? I'm wondering if I read it somewhere.

I've had a lot of trouble with youtube the last several months - so much trouble with playback, in fact, that I don't go there very often anymore. If they take away the ability to embed (and it won't just be WU that won't accept the iframe - whatever the heck that is) I can't see why I'd go at all.
Then again, I couldn't figure out how to embed that Vimeo video, either.
Stupid technology.

The homeless program - yeah, you know, this is one of those things where folks can't reconcile what actually works with what feels like it should work.

Somewhat related:
Rick Scott has ended funding for the Florida Innocence Commission, which reviews claims of innocence in state courts and advocates for reforms that will reduce the number of wrongful commissions, which is, evidently, a really huge problem in Florida. As a result, they will save $200,000 of their $70,000,000,000 budget and will continue to spend ~$2,000,000 for each case of wrongful conviction.


I can't believe it's Friday. Doesn't feel like Friday. Are we sure it's Friday?
Maybe if I were working instead of bumming around the 'tubes ... lol
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22. LowerCal
06:55 PM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012
We voted the same way on the same Props for the same reasons. Astonishing? Not really. :^) An additional reason I voted "No" on 29 was the complicated interactions with previous similar Props. Voters make poor legislators.

Holy crap re. the bleach story! Sorry, sometimes I just can't help but laugh at horrifyingly stupid stuff. :^[

Loved the Bradbury video. My aspirations look a lot like his, in part I'm sure, due to his influence. :^)

I'm really proud that L.A. County homeless program was able to maintain traction long enough to prove itself. For many, as you may imagine, it was not such a "Duh!"

BTW It's only some YouTubes that don't offer the "Use old embed code option?" now. Some that used to offer it don't any longer but if you have a copy the old imbed code around somewhere it still works. There may be a way to generate old embed code from new embed code but I haven't had a need for it... yet. ;^)
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21. Bogon
11:17 AM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012
Don't know what's up with YouTube. The cigarette thing you linked does not display the "old embed code" checkbox. Other videos in a session I had open in another tab of my browser do still offer that option. If the change goes site wide, things will get a lot quieter around here. I wonder whether WU developers plan to add support for the iframe tag any time soon?

I'm kind of stuck on the CEF thing, because that's scary.

What happens to the teacher who decides that she cannot, with good conscience, teach that stuff?
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20. Ylee
09:04 AM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012
Oreos or chocolate chip? :)

Silly teenager that I was, in my honors English class my senior year in high school I picked Ray Bradbury's life as my ten page term paper thesis. In 1981, there wasn't much material to go with; I had a two magazine articles(one of which was in Playboy, so that was a no-go, lol!), and Cliffnotes, which formed the bulk of my paper. I had Evil Wicked Stepmother #1 to type it up, and I turned it in at the last second, earning me a D-!

He had the uncommon ability to verbalize his dreams and nightmares, and in so doing, they became ours.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
19. sp34n119w
05:46 AM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012
And now I can't modify my comment. Is it me?
This is what I was going to add ...

[Edit to add: Now that I'm reading this I want the link here so I can find it easily tomorrow - it's looooong and in tiny font so I won't finish it tonight - The Paleocene: New Dawn, Old Mist - is more interesting than I though it would be, lol
Also, sure enough, the youtube embed code didn't work.
Also, chose milk and cookies over alcohol ;) ]
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18. sp34n119w
05:02 AM GMT die 08o June, anno 2012
calpoppy – how lucky you are to have seen Ray Bradbury in person! I guess he traveled the area quite a lot. Today I read John Scalzi's reminiscences of meeting him when he (Scalzi) was twelve. Nifty.
There have been some great tributes to Bradbury showing up - there's a very good (brief and lolfunny) video of him speaking here.

I do have a photobucket account … where did I put that password …? lol
Well, I didn't much like it. I wanted it mainly for family and friends but everyone struggled to get to the pics.

Darn, I keep meaning to tell someone about another photo processing program that I found recently and I keep forgetting to take it to gg's or BC's or somewhere so now that I'm thinking of it – I don't remember anyone mentioning photoscape.

That merino yard was nubby enough that it will hide minor errors – go for it and have fun! :)

LC – I have always had a lot of respect for the Supreme Court even when I've wished they'd ruled differently. The current group is working hard to change that and it makes me very sad. I think I always thought that they were the last bastion of sanity when politicians went crazy. Maybe I was always wrong.

Perhaps I could have written “those sorts of laws” instead of just “law”, as that's what I was thinking. You're right, of course, that it is rights that must not be determined by the majority rule.

Knowing the financial backing of both sides when considering a proposition is a good shortcut to a first opinion. Then it's good to read the thing and, in the case of a tax, find out who will be in charge of disbursing the collected funds and what can be done if the taxpayers don't like how their money is being spent. If the answers are “The guy who wrote it and whomever he chooses to appoint” and “Absolutely nothing for 15 years” then, well, I don't care who else is with me – I'm against it. Politics makes for strange bedfellows ;)

It is interesting to see how the voting on Prop 29 went down.

Oh, on transparency – this is related to the real fight and why I voted against Prop 28 (another “feel-good” measure), as well. Campaign finance reform is what is needed – not superficial limits that could prevent good people from doing good service but real financing limits that prevent incumbents from crushing quality opponents.
'k. done being ranty.
Thanks for the heads up on the petition!

Ooooo I've got one, too, and it's totally unrelated – kind of shocking that the FDA, et al., need to be told that giving industrial bleach to children, particularly autistic children, is a bad idea but, so it goes. Man the quacks sure know who to target :(

You should check out that video on Bradbury in the comment to calpoppy – it's all spacey :)

Karen – You and me, both. It makes me a little nervous that the weather is so nice but, I'll take it :)
Hope the last few days go well and quickly and then – happy vacation! :)

Bogon – it would be great if Christians actually read the Bible or at least the Gospels. Most just listen to stories told by others instead of finding out for themselves. And I've heard some pretty twisted versions of JC's story!
There's lots of “love thy neighbor” stuff in the OT, too. For some reason, the loud Christians – and those who wish to indoctrinate the kids into fear and hatefulness – do not dwell on that, nor on the NT happy stuff. The Koran , too, is full of peace, love, and understanding. And murderous hatred, but, you know. Gotta take the bad with the good, right?
Wait. Why is that, again? LOL


Okay, I admit it – I'm a little punchy this evening. Seriously thinking of having a drink and going to bed early. Note: I haven't had a drink in months. Note2: alcoholic drink, that is. I do drink water and some other liquids on a regular basis.
Yup. Punchy.
Seewu :)

Oh, wait! Linkies for yas -
Really cool article about helping the homeless that made me say “duh” out loud. Costs less, more humane, nicer streets for the rest of us. See? Duh.

For those concerned about invasive species, an essay about a new study which I have not yet read about but looks interesting. When I went to Goleta a couple weeks ago I was appalled at the mustard everywhere. It blankets entire hillsides where I swear it didn't exist even a few years ago. Nothing grows beneath it and it will not hold the dirt up. It gets worse by leaps and bounds every year and seriously needs attention.
Oops. Ranty again. Um, so that's why that article I linked got my attention.

Youtube does not show the "use old embed code" anymore. Stupid youtube.
Click this then if you can't see this -

Now seewu :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
17. Bogon
10:04 PM GMT die 07o June, anno 2012
On the subject of CEF, genocide, and Christian fundamentalist rhetoric in general, one thing that may be helpful is to consider how much time they spend pounding the Old Testament.

The Old Testament contains a lot of myth and history. Among other things, it documents all the times and all the ways that the "chosen tribes" of Israel spent wandering in the wilderness and otherwise generally screwing up. It's a cautionary tale full of things like wrath and vengeance. These are not Christian attributes. In fact, the tribes of Israel were not Christian at all. They were Jewish. Their messiah had not yet come. They can hardly be cited as proper role models for Christians.

The only part of the Bible that is specifically Christian is the New Testament. That's the part that talks about turning the other cheek, how the meek shall inherit the earth, and how it was a bad idea to run afoul of the Imperial Roman penal system. I'm pretty sure it avoids touting genocide, either God-sponsored or otherwise.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
16. LowerCal
04:37 PM GMT die 07o June, anno 2012
On the subject of California ballot propositions one thing that has always been helpful to me in evaluating them is to know the actual source of funding for ads pro and con.

Well, in the national arena a House Appropriations Subcommittee slipped a provision into the draft budget that strips the FCC of the ability to disclose political ad spending on TV stations. The subcommittee has voted to pass it. If that concerns you you may want to do some research or just go here.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
15. SBKaren
01:40 AM GMT die 07o June, anno 2012
If every June day was like this one......I'd be a happy gal. 5 days and counting.....(that's work days :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
14. LowerCal
12:53 AM GMT die 07o June, anno 2012
I don't think resubmitting ever works. I think it's cruel that they even dangle that carrot in front of you, lol. The merit of any logical argument as to how the subject is outdoor related is not even considered. On the other hand it seems you can get by with a lot in the foreground if the background is outdoors. :^/

Thanks for the heads up on CEF's subversive activities in the American public school system. Some pretty suspect stuff has been allowed by the Supreme Court lately. Who are the real "activist" judges?

I would say that rights should not be subject to majority rule but Ken Starr (yes, that Ken Starr) actually argued that they should be to the California Supreme Court. Now I have to wonder what arguments will be made in the U.S. Supreme Court and what they will grant credence to.

Hmm, end on a positive note, let's see... We are left with Ray Bradbury's considerable legacy. :^) Most can only fantasize about leaving a legacy of that magnitude. I can't help but think he must have felt immense satisfaction when contemplating what he had left for the world. :^)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
13. calpoppy
09:40 PM GMT die 06o June, anno 2012
Ray Bradbury spoke at my high school, way, way way back. I enjoyed it! The dust witch is still scary to me!!

The sun pics came out neat! Next time upload your pics to photobucket or pic monkey so you can bypass approvers :)

I worked a little on the merino sheep yarn, it won't be easy. I will practice more!!
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