Autumn Before it is Gone

By: PugetSoundPost, 12:03 AM GMT die 29o October, anno 2016

October 28

Switching gears here after a couple of "trip blogs", so today I am going to post some Fall Photos that I took last weekend, in Seattle. I thought I had better get these going while they are still even relevant. As we are sliding into late fall, the leaves are beginning to come down more quickly now. The helicopter seed pods on our maple trees are mostly done coming down now, and the big leaves are picking up speed. Just this afternoon I went o...

Updated: 12:23 AM GMT die 29o October, anno 2016

Another Part of Trip East

By: PugetSoundPost, 07:04 PM GMT die 20o October, anno 2016

October 20

Whoa! A wet day!! So far today we are up to over 1.30" of rain, and it isn't even noon yet! Wow, I didn't expect so much rain today! But no wind! It is in the low 50's.

I am going to fly through some more of our trip to the East Coast. I am skipping a lot of ground, but will put up some highlight places here.

We spent a day at Antietam, in Maryland. We arrived, by chance, on the exact anniversary date of the battle, 154 ...

Songda On It's Way! # 8

By: PugetSoundPost, 03:51 PM GMT die 06o October, anno 2016

October 6
Expecting showers, breeziness today, low 60's

Finally getting started here on a new blog! We have been home from our two week trip to Maryland and Virginia for a while now but things get busy quickly. The season has changed since I last did much here. We are well into Fall now! Rain is increasing - in the forecast pretty much daily now for the foreseeable future, it is decidedly cooler, but still early enough in October that if the sun come...

Updated: 06:01 PM GMT die 14o October, anno 2016

Changing Season

By: PugetSoundPost, 03:06 PM GMT die 01o September, anno 2016

September 1
8:00 AM

September arrived a few hours ago. And the summer left a few days ago. Fall is underway.

The change came last Saturday, actually. The previous two days had been in the low 90's. Then, with a loud thud, the weather changed the next day and is not looking back. We dropped 20 degrees from Friday to Saturday, and along with it was an unsettled and cloudy day. It has stayed pretty much that way since, with a small rebound ...

Summer Yard

By: PugetSoundPost, 05:25 PM GMT die 05o August, anno 2016

August 5

August has arrived! Traditionally we are in the middle of our most reliably "best weather of summer" - the end of July, and early August. The least chance of rain, highest chance of sunshine. On average. If you plan an outdoor event, these are the "best" couple of weeks to try to schedule it. Might be a bit different this year.

Today is lovely. Bright sunshine since the sun rose and a very nice summer day to enjoy ahead. However, chan...

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