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Die Jovis January 1, 1970

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I took up photography as a hobby when I retired along with my "pre-existing" conditions of fishing, fly tying, gardening and working wood. I'm concentrating on monochrome photography and trying to come up with the look we achieved with B&W film in the late 60's and early 70's using the digital processes of today. I really appreciate your comments as it gives me an idea of how I'm doing with all this. I'm aware there is not a lot of interest in my choice of photography so any input is helpful. I frequently delete uploads here that don't get much attention to keep my gallery "short and sweet" but you can see most of them on my Flickr page. At times, I'll post alternate versions of the same photo I post here on Flickr. To get to my Flickr page hit "visit my website" below and it will take you there. All the best - Larry

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