It's like rain

By: tropicalthought, 01:41 PM GMT die 17o July, anno 2012

The ground is all wet.

Sunny weather

By: tropicalthought, 01:30 PM GMT die 27o June, anno 2012

Just as I predicted the weather is sunny and my garden has never looked this good in June. I got flowers everywhere. No June Gloom.

Some minor fog

By: tropicalthought, 05:14 PM GMT die 21o June, anno 2012

But I am not discouraged, by this fog, I expected each year to be sunnier until we all die from climate change.Via iPad

Updated: 05:14 PM GMT die 21o June, anno 2012

I change the name of my blog

By: tropicalthought, 04:02 AM GMT die 21o June, anno 2012

This blog used to be a blog for me to complain about how the fog was ruining my garden. But, with climate change we are having a sunny summer. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. So, I changed it from the fog blog, since we are not having much fog in the summer.

Foggy for the Fireworks

By: tropicalthought, 06:15 PM GMT die 27o May, anno 2012

I would love to see the Golden Gate Bridge 75 Anniversary Festival, but it's going to be foggy and it will really be hard to get there, and you would have to go early and stay all day. It sounds like an endurance test. I wish I had a home with a view of the bridge. I would have a viewing party.

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