Reflections on the Ocklawaha

By: biff4ugo, 12:29 PM GMT die 19o March, anno 2014

While studying the Ocklawaha, I noticed how amazingly reflective the dark tannic water was. The green "snow" in this image is Azola or duckweed. The day was grey and ominous, but when you rotate the image upside down, you mind does cool stuff. The snow is not in the air, it is on the water.

Updated: 12:30 PM GMT die 19o March, anno 2014

Termite Flight! Spring is Here!

By: biff4ugo, 08:30 PM GMT die 03o March, anno 2014

For those of you not in Florida, take heart. Termites are swarming and the robins are finally heading back north.
The bugs know the conditions are right. I hope they are too.

Great weekend weather at the Hoggetown Medieval Fair

By: biff4ugo, 04:53 PM GMT die 28o January, anno 2014

It was perfect dry, not too cool not too hot. Just right for Land Pirates!
Hope it is great and warms back up for next weekend.

Updated: 04:55 PM GMT die 28o January, anno 2014

The greatest water resources decision maker

By: biff4ugo, 07:14 PM GMT die 13o September, anno 2013

If you were going to a conference on GIS and water resource decisions, who would be the most amazing speaker you would want to hear?

Riah Returns

By: biff4ugo, 08:09 PM GMT die 04o September, anno 2013

I would get addicted to the Weekly Weather Roundup right before they go away for two weeks!
YEA! Riah is BACK!

Tropical Storm Kong-Ray was obviously the weather love child between King Kong and Fae Rae trying to make it's way home.

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