October Gardens

By: Skyepony, 05:23 AM GMT die 01o October, anno 2014

St. Johns River at Astor above Flood Stage

An advisory remains in effect to limit contact with Turkey Creek, after last week's heavy rains caused an estimated 5.7 million gallons of semi-treated wastewater at Palm Bay's sewer plant to overflow into a canal that feeds into the creek.


WPC rainfall forecast, 24hr & 5 days total.


New Fukushima Data Released, FL Had Highest Radiation Outside Japan

By: Skyepony, 06:32 AM GMT die 28o September, anno 2014

Radiation measured higher in Florida than anywhere outside of Japan..
Newly released data shows Florida, specifically Melbourne, was hit with the highest level of radioactive material from Fukushima measured anywhere in world outside of Japan. #1 out of more than 1,500 test results, in the weeks following the Fukushima nuclear meltdown caused by a tsunami. Total radioactive iodine may have been up to 500% of amount reported due to the type of testing.


Updated: 05:25 AM GMT die 30o September, anno 2014

Turkey Creek is Closed..

By: Skyepony, 05:21 AM GMT die 26o September, anno 2014

96L. Navy dropped it..

Florida & Southeast maybe in for continued rainy days ahead.
WPC rainfall forecast, 24hr & 5 days total.

4 million gallons of partially treated sewage was released into Turkey Creek in Palm Bay, FL due to the rains. People are being told to stay out of Turkey Creek. That is the only place around where you can find a little class 2 water during...


Updated: 05:19 AM GMT die 27o September, anno 2014

Fall in the Arctic & More Rain

By: Skyepony, 04:58 AM GMT die 24o September, anno 2014

With the arrival of Fall, the sea ice in the Arctic is likely just beyond minimum for the year. It does appear we had our Arctic Sea Ice minimum for the year on September 17th. If so, it was the sixth lowest amount of sea ice since satellite era & before, as well as the 4th latest maximum extent date, according to National Snow & Ice Data.. Here's an animation of the ice & it's thickness, in motion. Looks around 1 1/2 m deep at the north pole.

Updated: 12:03 PM GMT die 25o September, anno 2014

Tropics & Landslides

By: Skyepony, 04:15 AM GMT die 22o September, anno 2014


WPC rainfall forecast, 24hr & 5 days total.

99E Early track models still mostly have this going out to sea. Chances are good this one gets named.

Central Pacific
West Pacific
98W This run the models are running over islands in five days. There is a spread, from a Tropical Storm to a category 2 storm between the models.

16W Fung-Wong

Indian Ocean
East Pacific...

Fung-Wong Landslides

Updated: 04:21 AM GMT die 23o September, anno 2014

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