The Tea party is Dead

By: SayNoToTea, 03:46 PM GMT die 14o January, anno 2013

The latest Rassmussen poll shows that only 8 percents of Americans now affiliate themselves with the tea party. That's 2/3rds less than just two years ago. Never has a group lost so much support so fast.

Of course just google "tea party" in the news section and the difference from just a few months ago will shock you. Before the election the results would have been political and about concrete things the tea party was supposed to do. Now that same search ...

It's About Teachers, Not Police

By: SayNoToTea, 04:29 PM GMT die 22o December, anno 2012

The far right will never cease to amaze me with their stupidity and audacity. Today's example comes in the wake of the Sandy Hook Shootings. Their cure, keep uniformed, armed police to guard or schools. It's a WTF moment, These people will gladly give their tax dollars for schools to become police states, but whine like spoiled babies when it comes to paying to educate the future of our country.

Still Here

By: SayNoToTea, 05:03 PM GMT die 12o December, anno 2012

I was glad to let this blog ride into the sunset after the election as we saw the defeat of the tea party and the defeat of the far right. Not just a defeat but a sound spanking. We also saw pure insanity towards science and reason as the far right decried the polls wrong

I also was glad to let this go as the tea party itself has seen half of it's support while doubling those that oppose them and their ideologies. As meteoric a climb they enjoyed their de...

It's About the 14th Ammendment

By: SayNoToTea, 03:46 PM GMT die 14o November, anno 2012

The stupidity of the far right never ceases to amaze me. Why is it that a people who claim to be so smart, so understanding of our forefathers and the constitution, time and time show that they are imbeciles knowing so little?

Today's prime example is the petitions that are popping up on a White House web site asking that their state have the ability to secede from the United States. First and most hilarious is that the site was created by the Obama team...

It's About Victory

By: SayNoToTea, 03:46 PM GMT die 07o November, anno 2012

First let me speak to my fellow moderates. Last nights victory was not a referendum for Obama, instead it was a referendum against the far right and the religious right. Last nights votes signified that women have rights, that gays and lesbians have rights, that all colors of skin have rights and that Americans will not be bound to a group of elitists and wanna be elitists that allow no other thoughts sans their own. Congratulations to the moderates, hopefully this ...

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