On Goosegirl's blatant lies and Slander

By: RTSplayer, 03:39 PM GMT die 03o January, anno 2014

And I quote:

Quoting 304. goosegirl1:

This person has, in the past, shown an inability to see beyond his religeous beliefs and to objectively examine the evidence all around him. IOW, God is in control and we have no choice in the matter. I don't understand this- didn't the same God who gave us life and a home to live on, also give us a bit of wisdom and critical thinking?

For God's sake why ...


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Bias and Slander at PhysicsForums dot com

By: RTSplayer, 02:26 AM GMT die 03o January, anno 2014

This isn't politics, but nothing else matches anyway.

I used "Pollution" because they have polluted the truth, as well as reason, falsely accused me of "knowingly providing misleading information", which is slander, and I have the supporting evidence. Unfortunately, "Evo" maliciously deleted my last response to him, where I provided counter-evidence in response to his slander.

First topic:

Morgellon's Disease:

Pollution Politics

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SLU teaches DE and LA broken into 4 separate courses, instead of one!

By: RTSplayer, 09:59 PM GMT die 15o August, anno 2013

NO education category? What gives? Anyway:

I'm sitting here looking at SLU's math curricula, and I'm really, really ticked about LSU's math curricula from back when I was at LSU.

At LSU they the entire subject of DE and Linear Algebra, vector spaces, matrices, determinants, eigenvalues, etc, all in one course which counted for just 5 credit hours. Additionally, it was before Calculus 3 and statistics.

At SLU, the course l...

New Friend, or dating opportunity? or both...

By: RTSplayer, 10:46 PM GMT die 05o August, anno 2013

Okay, so here's the situation.

I was out walking a bit and on my way back to the house, this adorable blonde girl about my age drove up beside me, and asked about some car trouble. I promptly helped her out. After this, she gave me her name and both telephone numbers, and asked if I'd like to be a walking partner with her. I mean, just fell in my lap. I didn't have to say a word. She also politely offered to buy me a beer, but I politely declined, but onl...

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My observations on George Zimmerman Trial

By: RTSplayer, 12:17 AM GMT die 03o July, anno 2013

I'm still contemplating the Zimmerman trial, and how a prosecution witness could seriously claim Trayvvon only had to hit him once to cause all those injuries: A broken nose, several cuts to the brow line and crown of the head on the front, a cut near the corner of the mouth, two cuts on the back of the head along different axis, and two very large knots on opposite sides of the crown of the head. Trayvvon would have to be some sort of comic book super-being to caus...

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