Treating the Birds, #8 Back to Central America

By: PugetSoundPost, 07:46 PM GMT die 01o February, anno 2016

February 12
6:30 AM, Raining

A quick stop to say that I leave tomorrow for Nicaragua! Comment #8 explains more about it. I am nearly ready to go, but not quite yet. One bigger thing left to do is figure out groceries for the two left behind here - Mr PSP and our younger son. Neither will want to do much in the kitchen and they both work opposite times of day, pretty much, so each will be kind of on their own a lot of the time. Well, they will make ...

Updated: 02:46 PM GMT die 12o February, anno 2016

Deck Construction Tour

By: PugetSoundPost, 12:37 AM GMT die 23o January, anno 2016

January 22

A rainy week is winding down here in the Puget Sound area. Since early yesterday, for example, we have received about 1 3/4" rain - most of that was just yesterday. As today has progressed it has gradually cleared some and sun is peeking out of a few small blue patches. Otherwise it is rather mild and nothing too extraordinary is happening with our January weather.

I realized that I had never posted photos from our second half const...

January Days

By: PugetSoundPost, 04:24 AM GMT die 14o January, anno 2016

January 13, 2016

The phrase "Happy New Year" is growing old now, by the time I put up the greeting here. The Christmas tree is long gone (by the way, it was our worst tree ever for drying out way before Christmas even arrived, and only worsened as time passed. Must have been cut in July or something), the decorations put away, our family all back to the places that they call home now, whether permanently or long term temporary, and life is returning more...

Family Christmas Time

By: PugetSoundPost, 01:52 AM GMT die 19o December, anno 2015

December 18
5:50 PM, raining, 41 degrees

The weather has not changed much. It still rains some part, or most of, each day, most days, and the gray clouds and shortening sun is making it darker and darker. Well, for a few more days anyway. We are now pretty close to the shortest day of the year. And we can feel it. Our up-to-the-minute rain total at home is 6.74" for December. The daytime temperature runs in the lower 40's and the nights in the 30's....

Updated: 01:53 AM GMT die 19o December, anno 2015

Stormy Season + Olympic NP

By: PugetSoundPost, 05:01 PM GMT die 12o November, anno 2015

December 3
8:15 AM, Breezy, Sputtering Rain, 47 degrees

We'll take a brief break from the stormy season (although that is still clearly here, even today!) and I will add some photos from our day trip last Friday, Black Friday, that the four of us took. We headed over to the Hood Canal area, along the southern portion - an area of the Canal that actually we seemed to have never been to! The weather was great last week and weekend - sunny and cle...

Updated: 04:18 PM GMT die 03o December, anno 2015

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