Oregon Coast

By: PugetSoundPost, 03:58 PM GMT die 22o September, anno 2015

September 22

On this last day of Summer, I will put up some photos of a short trip I took in late August, just days after we returned from Maryland. A convergence of events arrived at the fact that only myself and my younger son were here at home for a few days. Mr PSP had gone to Australia for work and my daughter had gone camping. And, my son had two days off at the same time. So, off we zipped on a fast overnight trip to the Oregon Coast! I hadn't been...

East Coast Baby and Pics of Both

By: PugetSoundPost, 01:11 AM GMT die 28o August, anno 2015

August 27

Weeks have passed since putting up anything here and life has gone fast too.

We made it to Maryland! And we met our first grandchild, James! We had a terrific trip! James introduced himself on the car ride home from the airport (we were picked up on the curb and jumped into the car fast and off we zoomed) by crying, okay - screaming, loudly! That put us right back into Baby Days! Well, things did improve and overall went well. James ...

Updated: 06:36 PM GMT die 01o September, anno 2015

Mid Summer NW Days

By: PugetSoundPost, 10:20 PM GMT die 29o July, anno 2015

July 29

No new photos at the moment for anything special. But time to just refresh here a little bit.

The middle of summer has been perking along. And what a summer it has been here in the Pacific Northwest! HOT, HOT is the BIG theme! So many days in the 90's, perhaps I will count them when this month ends in a couple of days for a grand total. About ten days ago we even hit 100 here at home! After that it did cool quickly for a little mid-mo...

Updated: 06:03 PM GMT die 30o July, anno 2015

Baby Has Arrived!!

By: PugetSoundPost, 02:25 PM GMT die 12o June, anno 2015

June 12

Last weekend Mr PSP and I took a little trip to the eastern edge of Washington, to the Palouse region, to attend our nephew's graduation from a small high school in farming country. Instead of driving straight there and back again, we meandered a bit off of the main road to do some sightseeing. I will post some photos here of "the other Washington" - the one that people don't tend to think of when thinking about Washington. We are called "The Ever...

Updated: 03:56 PM GMT die 11o July, anno 2015

Finished Deck!

By: PugetSoundPost, 06:37 PM GMT die 01o June, anno 2015

June 1

Summer is here, even though today is Not showing it. Rainy, breezy, cooler, cloudy day so far. Even a chance of thunderstorms, but no booms have yet to be heard and it would not be surprising to not hear any at all. Unlike much of America, threats here for thunderstorms don't always turn into anything. Actually, this is the first rain we have had in a long while. The yard needs a good soaking. But we may not end up with all that much rain.

Updated: 06:39 PM GMT die 01o June, anno 2015

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